▼ Call for contributions (abstracts)

ICMM is gathering from 5 to 9 September 2022 in the Convention Centre, Brussels (Belgium) for the ICMM World Congress 2021.
In Brussels, delegates from around the globe will be exchanging knowledge in a forum setting while seeking to make headway in the several domains on Military Medicine.
Authors of contributions that already have been submitted will be contacted in case they would like to make changes to their existing abstract.

Key dates for Abstracts
  • 27 September 2021 Opening Call for Contributions go live online
  • 18 March 2022 Deadline for Submission of Contributions
  • 6 May 2022 Notification selected speakers
  • 17 June 2022 Program with confirmed speakers
  • 5 - 9 September 2022 Conference Days
You can contribute
  • Want to share your experience?
  • Want to interact with respective experts from all over the world?
  • Want to get input from peers on your latest head-scratcher?

By contributing your insights, experiences and questions regarding Military Medicine, programs or developing changes in your scope of work, you will help make this conference a highly interactive learning experience for all of us. We program topics from all over the world in the field of military healthcare including surgery, medication, logistics, ethics, history, etc.
We welcome submissions on medical innovation & technology, testimonials by persons working hands-on to treat patients and by decision makers defining the future of military healthcare.

▼ Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract submission must be completed online only via the ICMM 2021 World Congress website http://icmmworldcongress2021.org/. Abstracts sent by e-mail, mail or fax will not be accepted.

Themes & topics

Abstracts must be submitted under a specific track, topic, category & domain that corresponds best with its content.

Four Themes to structure the dialogue
  1. The battle against infections & Phage therapy
    Topics: Antibiotic Resistance / Pandemics & History / Phage therapy / …
  2. Far forward surgery - Pre-Hospital Care & Outside Hospital Care
    Topics: Damage Control Medicine / Resuscitation techniques / Robot Surgery …
  3. From rehab to prehab - Putting the soldier back on track
    Topics: Physical Rehabilitation / Injury Prevention …
  4. From shell shock to mental fitness - Human Performance
    Topics: Mental Rehabilitation / Well-being / High Performance …
Five Categories to structure specific Domains in military healthcare
  1. Dentistry
    Topics: Mouth Hygiene / Dental Fitness of Troops / Dental Surgery / Medical Imaging Techniques / Augmented Radiology …
  2. Veterinary
    Topics: Zoonoses / Preventive Medicine / Hygiene / Food Safety / Pest Control / Military Dogs / Pack Horses…
  3. Pharmacy
    Topics: Combatting Corona / Vaccination Strategies / Chemical Analysis (e.g. toxins) / Pharmacology / Therapy Compliance / Stock Breaches / Shelf Life Extension …
  4. Logistics
    Topics: Temperature Controls / Cryopreservation & Transport / Remote Environments / Outsourcing of Medical Logistics / Supranational Cooperation…
  5. Nurses & Paramedics
    Topics: Nursing / Personal and Patient Protection / Medical Imaging / Lab Techniques / Ergotherapy / Podology / Audiology…

Note that many presentations will fit in both a Theme and a Category, e.g. zoonoses can be scheduled as part of the Theme 1 - Battle against infection or in the Veterinary Category.
General topics can also be scheduled in a Theme or Category, e.g. Ethics, Global Health, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in healthcare, Data Security, Internet of Things (IoT) in a military context etc…
The scientific committee will decide the “best fit” based on the content, mode of presentation and degree of interaction between the participants. While the Theme sessions consist mainly of (extended) presentations, the Categories will be scheduled in “Round Table Sessions” with interactive presentations and workshops on similar topics.

▼ Types of sessions for accepted abstracts

Your abstract, if accepted, will fall under one of the following presentation types:

  • Extended presentation (50 minutes presentation, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A’s)
  • Oral Presentation (25 minutes presentation, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A’s)
  • Workshop - Focus Groups (25 minutes presentation, followed by 25 minutes of discussion in a small group)
  • Moderated e-Poster or paper poster (5 minutes presentation, followed by 2 minutes of Q&A’s) organized in the posters area presentation corner
  • e-Poster or paper poster
Abstract Title

The title should not exceed 150 characters and should not contain abbreviations. ICMM 2021 World Congress Program Committee reserves the right to correct the title format without further recourse to the authors.

Abstract Body

The following rules apply to the abstract body:

  • The abstract body should not exceed 2.000 characters (excluding spaces).
  • Authors may submit a maximum of one table and one figure or image per abstract.
  • The abstract should be submitted in English only. The use of good English is essential. Authors are responsible for proofreading and submitting an abstract without errors, as they will be reproduced in the form they were submitted.
  • Abbreviations can be used in an abstract body, provided they are defined at first usage.
Abstract Format

Abstracts for ICMM 2021 World Congress will be submitted based on MS WORD document (attachments can be uploaded if needed for illustration of your abstract).
The abstract body should be split into three sections:

  • Summary: A short introduction indicating the rationale of the study.
  • Methods-Results: A brief description of pertinent methodological procedures including a summary of the results of the research.
  • Conclusions: A statement of the main conclusions.
    • Reference(s): If included, cite number in text using square brackets [1].
    • Table/Figure: A maximum of 1 table or 1 figure can be included to illustrate the results. All tables/figures need to be cited in the text or uploaded separately in the attachment section.
  • The first author (=presenting author) is responsible for the abstract content and is the contact person for communication purposes and dissemination of information to co-authors.
  • First author and co-authors (max. 5) need to provide their full name and affiliation.
  • Only 2 abstracts per first author can be submitted.
  • The first author may nominate a co-author to present an abstract in his/her place.
  • Only first author will be eligible for a grant, co-authors can never be eligible for a grant even when nominated by the first author.
  • The abstract submission platform will remain open until 31 March 2021 and abstracts might be edited until this time, provided they are in ‘incomplete’ (Draft mode).
  • To submit the abstract, each submitter needs to click “save and submit” at the last step to complete the process. Abstracts that are in “incomplete’ (Draft mode)” status after submission deadline will not be considered for revision.
  • An abstract should be submitted only once, resubmission is not permitted.
  • Each abstract submitter will be required to create an account at the submission platform.
  • Abstracts will be checked for plagiarism and will be automatically rejected if plagiarism is identified.
▼ Reviewing

All submitted abstracts will be sent for peer review by a panel of experts in the respected field of expertise per theme. Each abstract will be reviewed and scored by at least four independent reviewers. The scores will then be submitted to the members of the Scientific Program Committee, who will determine which abstracts are accepted and for which format.
The date and time of each presentation will depend on the session to which the abstract is allocated.

Notification & Registration
First authors will be notified of acceptance of their abstract by 6 May 2022.
First author or co-author indicated as presenting author should complete their registration to the ICMM 2021 World Congress by 17 June 2022. Only use the registration link provided in your acceptance e-mail to register for the ICMM 2021 World Congress.
If your full registration has not been received by 17 June 2022, your proposal will not be considered. As the program develops, sessions may change, and your proposal may be placed in a different session. Please bear this in mind when making your conference planning.
The Organizing Committee will regularly communicate the latest version of the program.


If the first author wishes to withdraw the abstract from ICMM 2021 World Congress after outcome notifications have been made available, he/she must submit a written request at the latest for 30 June 2021 to icmm2021.abstracts@eventmasters.eu. Any abstract withdrawal requests made after this date cannot be assured of removal from the ICMM 2021 World Congress Abstract Book.


All accepted abstracts, including Late-breaking, will be published online only in the ICMM 2021 World Congress Abstract Book.

▼ Offered grants

The ICMM 2021 World Congress is offering grants to confirmed abstract submitters. Two categories of grants can be offered. Each confirmed abstract is eligible for a grant.

  • The category of grant will be confirmed in your confirmation e-mail regarding your abstract’s acceptance.
  • Grants are paid-out on-site during the congress days at the registration aera.
  • Hotel overnights are organized by ICMM 2021 World Congress at the speakers’ hotel.
  • Grant will not be paid-out if the first authors is not present on site.
  • No hotel overnights will be paid to accepted submitters if the hotel booking is not organized by ICMM 2021 World Congress.
  Hotel nights Transport Speaking Fee Conference Registration fee
Cat. 1*
Belgian Submitter
1 50 EUR 900 EUR Complementary
Cat. 1*
European Submitter
2 400 EUR 900 EUR Complementary
Cat. 1*
Intercontinental Submitter
2 1200 EUR 900 EUR Complementary
Cat. 2**
Belgian Submitter
0 50 EUR 300 EUR Complementary
Cat. 2**
European Submitter
1 400 EUR 300 EUR Complementary
Cat. 2**
Intercontinental Submitter
2 1200 EUR 300 EUR Complementary

* Category 1: All keynote and plenary speakers.
** Category 2: Parallel session speakers, extended presentation, Oral Presentation & Workshop - Focus Groups speakers.

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